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New Dentures New Teeth are possible with Complete and Immediate Dentures

Immediate Dentures
We can provide patients a set of new teeth with Immediate Dentures that are given right after the teeth are removed. Simple replacement dentures are also possible. 

Patients needing Immediate Dentures are patients needing an entire arch of teeth replaced. These patients will typically suffer from the following symptoms: Mobile teeth, painful teeth, loose teeth, missing teeth, cosmetic difficulties, and or abscesses. 

What is the process?

For all patients needing New Teeth or Immediate Dentures in Richardson, TX - Plano, TX - or Dallas, TX; we first start the process with an initial consultation where we take X-rays to look at the full extent of the problem, discuss your medical history with Dr. Damon and Dr. Secola, and discuss your treatment objectives. After the initial discussion, we will generate a treatment plan or several treatment options for your consideration. We often discuss dental implants and typically offer patients 3-4 treatment options for patients needing full mouth tooth replacement. 

The second step is to get you ready for surgery. We will start by taking alginate impressions of your teeth and jaws. This is done so our lab technicians can get your immediate dentures fabricated so we can give you some teeth after surgery. Once the impressions are taken, we will see you back for another dental visit to get your bite, vertical, choose the shade of your new teeth, and to mark the midline of where your new teeth will be. This is the Wax Rim Visit (some patients who have all of their teeth do not need this visit). Our final visit before surgery, is to let you look at your new teeth - we call this the viewing. We feel this is very important - it helps eliminate the fear of the unknown and gives our patients control over the process. Our patients get to evaluate the look of the teeth, size, arrangement, and color. It is also another time for you to be in our office to get comfortable with us and to answer any more questions you may have. 

Surgery is the next step- Once the Immediate Dentures have been made by our lab, we will get you ready for surgery to remove the bad teeth. Most of our cases involve IV Sedation so our patients are comfortable and will not remember the entire procedure. While you are asleep, we will give Local Anesthesia to the mouth, then remove the teeth, contour the bone, suture closed, and then fit the dentures. You will go home with the dentures in place. 

After surgery, you will wear the dentures as much as possible. We will see you for a 4 day and 7 day post op. We typically remove the stitches after 1 week and place a new soft liner. We will see our patients as needed for denture adjustments and replace the soft liner every month until 4 months of healing when we provide a rebase to make your Immediate Dentures Final. 

Check out this article where Dr. Damon was featured in Dental Products Report - a magazine for dentists, where Dr. Clark Damon describes patients expectations when it comes to dentures. 

What about Replacement Dentures?

If you are simply needing new Replacement Dentures in Dallas, TX to replace your current set, the consultation period is typically quicker. Dr. Damon and Dr. Secola will just evaluate your jaws and expectations and make sure you are a good candidate for new dentures. 

First Step - Alginate Impressions. These create the molds for which we fabricate your new teeth on. Accurate impressions are needed and are a must. 

Second Step- Wax Rims. This is the most important step as this sets up your case. Here Dr. Damon determines your Vertical (how tall to set the teeth and what your facial appearance will be), Lip Support, Placement of the maxillary central incisor, and how the lower jaw relates to the upper. 

Third Step - Wax Try in. Here the denture teeth are set in wax for you to try in. Here we verify the esthetics, tooth position, and phonetics. Typically denture set ups at this point are somewhat bulky due to the wax. 

Fourth Step- Delivery. Here you will get your new teeth. We do have to fit the dentures to the gums here and several post operative adjustments are typical with new dentures.

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