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5 Reasons to Use your Dental Insurance Benefits NOW! By Dr. Le on December 04, 2016

Did you know that your Dental Insurance Benefits don’t carry over to the next year? At the end of 2016 many people are set to have un-used dental insurance benefits simply expire.

What does this mean?

Most employers base their dental insurance benefits on a yearly calendar, and one that typically expires on 12/31 of the year. Typically, dental benefits are in the amount of 1500 – 2000 per year or more!

Here are 5 reasons to use your dental insurance benefits now:


1. If you lose it – You can’t use it.

Your yearly benefits go away after 12/31. This means, if you have treatment that could be done this year and postpone it till next year it will eat in to your benefits for 2017. Not a big deal right, well if you need anything Major – a problem on 1 tooth could eat up those insurance benefits leaving you with a higher out of pocket insurance cost.

You have paid your insurance premiums all year – you have EARNED your
dental benefits, do not let them slip away before your remaining
benefits expire at years’ end.

2.       Deductibles

You will need to meet your deductible before your insurance benefits kick in for the new year. If you have already paid your deductible for 2016 this could save you some money.

Remember, a deductible is what you pay out of pocket
before your benefits begin to take effect. At the start of a new year, you are
required to pay your deductible again to start taking advantage of
your benefits.

3.      You have paid for these benefits with your monthly premiums – So USE THEM!

If you are paying for dental benefits, you should be taking advantage
of them!  This sounds simple, but there are many people that do not
exercise their benefits and let the insurance company take that money
away from you, and put it straight into their own pockets.

4.      The price may go up

While not common in our practice, a new year is a reason to implement new changes to businesses and dental offices. Some fee increases are seen at the beginning of the year so don’t delay!

5.      Dental problems only get bigger

It is true, a dental problem can’t fix its self. The problem only get worse and costlier. That filling you needed 1 year ago, well you probably need a crown. The crown the dentist said you needed 2 years ago… ya well now you need a root canal OR worse – not savable and you need an extraction and an implant. Dental problems can grow from a 250 problem to a 2,500 or more problem. So use these dental insurance benefits and don’t put off your dental work!

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If you would like to use your dental insurance benefits or are un sure if you have any remaining, give my office a call at 972 808 6008. We can call your insurance on your behalf and find out for you as well as have a consultation with one of our Doctors to get your dental treatment started before the benefits expire.

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